Data Protection


We spend a significant amount of time and money on protecting our systems containing personal data. As most tech companies Cybersecurity is one of our main priorities. 

If there is a problem involving our security, causing people outside to be able to view the personal data, or if there is a situation which creates a risk of the data being compromised, we make a record of this and handle the situation with care. We report these incidents to the regulator, and, if necessary, to you. 

Only employees who require access to your data can view this data. All our employees have signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), which remains in force even after they have left the company. 

All employees at are required to use 2-factor authentication with all of their accounts

When an employee leaves the company his/hers account is disabled immediately 

When an employee leaves the company credentials for shared resources are updated 

It is forbidden to forward sensitive information such as (but not limited to) usernames, passwords, API credentials and private keys in plain text through e-mail or chat (slack, whatsApp) messages 

All employees are required to use a password manager 

All employees are required to configure full disk encryption on their work laptops 

We have encrypted our data on all databases.

Login Attempt Analytics

Reports on failed authentication attempts


Passwords for login in the back office expire every 6 months. If password is expired the user is forced to choose a new one

Passwords have to be 12 characters minimum in length, to include 1 capital letter, 1 lower case letter, one symbol and one number at the very least

Previous password cannot be re-used

Password hashes only are stored in our database

Password reset is enforced after 5 unsuccessful login attempts

User Management

Admins can manage user access

Auto sign-out after 15 minutes of inactivity


We follow ISO 27001 standards in all of our products. Here you can find our printable policies: privacy policy, cookie policy, and terms and conditions.