Payment terms offers you an innovative white label shipping platform, providing you with an intuitive Admin Portal and Client Portal in your company's own look and feel. With access to our growing carrier and integrations library, we provide all of our tools and services to you to use as if they were yours  - and with clear, usage based pricing according to your agreements, there are no hidden fees and you can get started in little to no time.

Our billing cycle starts on the first working day of the month, after you start shipping with us.  Invoices are prepared and sent within the first week of each month, and will contain a full breakdown of the services that you've used during the previous month. All payments are to be made via bank transfer, and your account manager will discuss this with you at the point of setup.

To discuss how quickly you can set up your fully branded portal, please get in touch with one of our account managers today.

Invoicing & billing

All services provided by & are billed on a monthly basis. 

At the end of each billing period, your organisation will receive a comprehensive invoice for all of the scheduled services that you’ve used throughout the previous month according to your contract. Your invoices are always prepared and sent on the first of each month.

Unique invoices for any additional services or bespoke requests, outside the scope of your software licence agreement, are prepared and invoiced separately to the above. These custom invoices are prepared upon request and will have their own terms and conditions such as a 50% upfront payment, including all of those related to billing and payments attached. Your account manager will keep you apprised of this throughout the billing period.

To discuss your account, or any additional requests please get in touch with us, for more information. 

Payment methods

Currently, all invoices can be paid by bank transfer. Our account details are clearly outlined on all invoices, however if you have any questions or comments regarding your invoicing - then please get in touch.

We are constantly reviewing your feedback and as a result, hope to add more payment options in the future. When this is the case, you will see the updated payment options available on your invoices.

Invoicing & VAT

VAT is applicable to all services provided by and The rate of VAT is always calculated as a percentage on the total value of the services added to your monthly invoices; this rate is dependent on the country where you are based and the legal form of your company. 

Within the European Union, the VAT reverse charge rule is applicable can also be applicable to invoices, based on article 196 of directive EC/2006/112; this means that a VAT rate of 0% will be added to your invoices and VAT, at the rate determined by your country is payable to your Tax authorities.   

Please be aware that when applicable, VAT rates are subject to change at any time. However, should our services become liable to new VAT rules, we will of course inform our customers at the earliest opportunity. 

There is a wealth of information available regarding Tax, VAT and your business, so if you require information on how any of the above affects you, you should contact the authorities in the country of your operation in the first instance.

Late invoice payments

Your invoices from and are sent to you on the 1st week of every month. It is important for you to check your spam folder, around this time if you have not received this yet. Our payment terms require settlement of invoices within 14 days unless otherwise stated.

If you've missed the invoice deadline, please get in touch with us as quickly as possible as there may be a late payment administration fee applied to your invoice and your services could be disrupted. 

In this case, you will also receive a reminder from our finance department, which you will need to settle at the earliest possible opportunity.

If you are experiencing difficulties, it is important for you to get in touch with us so that we can discuss your circumstances and review your payment options. 

Should your account fall into further arrears, your account will be automatically suspended, and a collection and administration charge applied to the outstanding balance. In this case, you may also be liable for collection costs and any interest on the amount outstanding. 

For the UK, the debt recovery costs and administration charges are subject to the rules as set out under the commercial and business debt rules set out by the UK Government. 

For the Netherlands, and other European countries we will set our debt recovery costs and administration charges as follows; first €2.500 will incur a 15% charge with a minimum of €40, the next €2.500 will incur a 10% charge, the next €5.000 will incur a 5% charge, up to €190.000 will then incur an additional 1% charge, and the rest of the amount will incur a 0,5% with a maximum administration cost of €6.775. This is in accordance with the rules set out by the European Union. 

We will always work with you in circumstances such as these. The important thing is to let us know how we can help you.

If you'd like to discuss your invoice, or speak to us about your current circumstances, please get in touch with us.